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How durable are the Model 000s?
How durable are the Model 000s?
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As you begin to wear your Atoms, the insole and midsole will begin to form to your feet. The midsole we use is a custom foam we developed to form to your feet over the first month of daily wear creating a more comfortable and personalized fit over time. You'll see creases form along the midsole based on how you walk.

This will subside as it is fully formed to your feet around your 3rd or 4th week of consistent wear. Broadly speaking, durability is a known-unknown for us as a new company. One of our team members has been wearing one of our first beta pairs every day for almost three years to establish an end of life estimate. 

For more on how to maintain your Atoms, see our cleaning guide.

For additional information on our warranty or concerns, please reach out to

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