We advise you not to machine wash your Atoms as it can ruin your shoes. That being said, we also understand a deep clean is needed sometimes.

If you're going to take the risk of washing them, take the insoles out, keep the laces tied, add in shoe trees, put your Atoms in a linen bag or pillow case, and mix in towels or sheets to pad the washing machine in cold water on a gentle cycle. The midsole in our shoes is a custom foam that we developed to form to your feet for a personalized level of comfort. Heat will warp the size and shape of this foam so it must be washed in cold water. DO NOT MACHINE DRY. The midsole will distort its shape in the dryer so please let it air dry with inserts or shoe trees out of direct sunlight.

For the occasional cleanse, use a soft bristled brush along with your preferred cleaning solution and air dry.

Atoms will not replace shoes that have been damaged because it was machine washed or dried.

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