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How do I use Pick Up locations?
How do I use Pick Up locations?
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Atoms offers two shipping options in the United States:

  1. Delivery straight to your door

  2. Delivery to a secure location for pick up

Upon checkout, you'll see both options presented on the shipping screen if you are within the United States as seen below.

You can send it to your own address as a standard order or you can click a Fedex or UPS pick up site close by your address. If you prefer to find something further away but on your way to drop off the kids or get dinner and a movie, then you can see other locations by clicking the Map It link.

Once your package arrives at the pick up site, you'll have 7 days to pick up. Once you arrive, go to the help desk and inform them you are there to pick up a package. Show them your ID and they'll provide you with your package. That's it!

Why would you want to use a pick up location?

There are plenty of great reasons to use a pick up location.

It's Secure

If you live in a busy urban environment such as New York City or San Francisco, sending your package to a secure location to ensure you receive it is a great option.

Even if you live in a suburban or rural area, porch piracy is on the rise and often times the shipping carriers are now asking for doorbell footage to file a claim which many Americans don't have yet. This is especially hard for those living in apartment buildings.


Don't like waiting around for a package? You can now get it delivered to a pick up location that is next to your kids' school, at your regular pharmacy, or any other location that is on the way to your everyday errands.

The Weather

If you live in rainy areas such as Seattle or windy areas such as Chicago, sending your package to a secure pick up location can help prevent accidental damage to your package by being left outside until it is retrieved.

It's Great For The Environment

The last mile delivery of a package can account for half of your packages' carbon footprint. A diesel truck is often going out of their way through a windy, residential neighborhood to deliver your package. With pick up locations, the driver is going to a store location that is getting numerous packages delivered their a day to run their business.

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