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Comparing 000 and 001 - what is the difference between the Model 000 and Model 001?
Comparing 000 and 001 - what is the difference between the Model 000 and Model 001?
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Great question! The Model 000 and Model 001 share a lot of the same properties since we based the Model 001 off of the Model 000 but are different in the experience it provides. The quick answer is that the Model 000s are for maximum comfort while the Model 001s are for those who want more support, stability, and a more durable shoe.

Model 000 - The most comfortable every day shoe

The Model 000 was our first release where we went out of way to create the ideal every day shoe with a focus on comfort. In order to achieve this we created:

  • Quarter sizes for a snug fit for in between a full and a half size

  • A custom made midsole as it is designed to form to your feet as you walk

  • A breathable knit upper material

  • Stretch laces to extend mobility

  • A rubber outsole to protect the midsole with a holes that also made the shoes lighter

  • Antimicrobial copper lining to keep your shoes smelling fresh

The Model 000 - White

People loved the comfort but there was a portion of our early customers who wanted more support and stability when they walked. Enter the Model 001. We started by wrapping the outsole all the way around the shoe to hide the foam midsole. The Model 001 inherits a lot of the comfort of the Model 000s but given the more restrictive nature of the wrapper, it adds more support and stability to provide a more confident step. These feature:

  • Full and half sizes

  • Recessed toe bed to create a flex point* when you walk for quarter size customers

  • Custom foam midsole that forms to your feet for personalized comfort

  • A wrapped outsole with a unibody design for a confident step

  • Same breathable knit upper

  • Same stretch laces

  • Same holes to create a lighter shoe

  • 3x the copper of the Model 000s for those who preferred to go sockeless

  • New tongue bands to hold the tongue in place

The Model 001 - Red on Translucent White Limited Edition

*The flex points are designed for the quarter size customers who prefer the Model 001. Looking above, you can see the recessed toe bed behind the translucent midsole. It is sitting at a lower position than the back of the shoe. As you lift your foot to take a step, you'll slide forward into the shoe. Your foot will take advantage of the extra few millimeters as the wrapper flexes at the point of the step. This will provide a quarter size like experience both standing and walking without the need for a quarter sized shoe.

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