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How to get and claim a referral discount
How to get and claim a referral discount

Did someone send you a referral code, here's how to use it.

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How to get a referral code

Go to our Refer A Friend page here. Enter your email address and name as seen below and click, "I'm in." You'll next see a share screen where you can send your friends and family members a unique link over several communication channels. Send that link to the person you want to share Atoms with.

How to use a referral code

If you receive a link from a friend or family member, paste that link into your browser. You'll see a similar box as seen above where you can enter your name and email address. On the following screen, you'll be provided a referral code as seen below that you can use on a pair of shoes. Copy and paste that referral code into the discount code box upon checkout and you'll receive 20 dollars off your pair of shoes and your friend will get 20 dollars in an email.

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