They say you spend about two weeks of your entire lifetime tying your shoes. With our "no tie" laces, you don't have to.

Our laces are 'stretch' laces which means you can tie it one-time snugly like you see in our images and it stretches when you insert your foot but holds that knot so you don't have to untie every time you have to take them on /off.

In our pictures, you will see the laces look very comfortable and look like they are on top, fluffy, and distinct from the shoe itself like pillows on a bed or the comforter. They are pulled like a military tuck on a bed.

There are a few ways to do that and it comes down to comfort.

1. You can simply leave the laces inside the shoe where it is on top or under your foot.

2. You can also tie the knot behind the tongue.

3. Some people will tie it in front of the tongue as most people are used to, but will tuck the knot behind the "X" that is formed by top two laces.

With most pairs of pants, the pant leg will be long enough to cover the that knot being tucked away in front.

(If your pets ate your laces, no sweat. We have extra.)

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