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When will you release more colors?
When will you release more colors?

Looking for old and new colors?

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We release new colors all the time ; )

When you log on to the Atoms website, it may seem like we haven't released new colors since we launched on April 2nd, 2019.

However, we release limited edition colorways every quarter. We open up orders online for a limited period of time, take your orders, and then ship those orders to anyone who was interested. By being made to order, we are able to limit the amount of waste we produce and sell what is actually needed. We also ship those limited edition orders directly from our factory in Korea to your door to reduce our carbon footprint. To date, we have released all of the below.

If you would like to stay in the know about future limited releases, text "New Drop" to +1 (917) 540-8458 and sign up to be the first to order, or enter your email at the footer of the website.

Some of our previous releases include:

Q3 2019 - Neon

Q4 2019 - Red Clay

Q1 2020 - We were busy producing masks to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q2 2020 - Coral Pink and Ocean Blue

Q3 2020 - Tie-Dye Blue

Q4 2020 - Tri-Colors in Classic Yellow, Forest Green, and Navy Blue. We also introduced My Atoms which allowed customers to customize their shoes with any variant of upper, midsole, and lace style across our tricolor release.

Q1 2021 - Atoms x Tan France Collab

So, it is safe to say that since our dawn we have been releasing new Atoms shoes and that we will keep doing it until our sunset. Also, in this list, we are only talking about our shoes, in these two years, we also released 14 different mask colors , as well as 6 different socks colors. So, adding all our products together, we have more than 34 products in under two years. Not bad huh?

Stay tuned to discover what's coming next!

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