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International Shipping
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We ship to most regions of the world and the full list can be found here. We have flat rate shipping for orders above $120. International packages may take up to 2-3 weeks with our cheaper APC service to get to you. It may arrive within a week for our faster Fedex service. Pricing and availability are shown upon checkout.

Flat Rate Shipping

$35 North America (Canada and Mexico)

$35 South America and Caribbean Islands
$35 Europe
$35 Africa

$35 Asia

$35 Oceania and the outstanding island nations.

We recommend that we collect duties upfront for a smooth delivery experience but you can pay them upon delivery if available in your region as seen below. Please note that if the package is refused because of the duties, the items can be returned to us but we will not refund the shipping cost. If the package is refused and destroyed overseas, we will not refund the value of the order as the product was not returned. All duties must be paid in order to receive the package.

Here is a Duty Calculator by Simple Duty to estimate your shipping costs as we want to prevent this situation from occurring. You can get a more accurate number by going half way through the check out flow as seen above. Enter your country's information and use the below HS codes based on what you are ordering.

HS Codes:

Shoes: 640419

Masks: 6307909875

Socks: 6115966020

We do not offer free returns for international orders yet and the customer must bear the cost for the return / exchange if it's needed. You can use our discounted shipping rates by going to the Returns Portal rather than paying full retail prices at your local shipping branch.

We will continue to work towards the same experience we deliver here in the United States for anyone abroad by creating new partnerships to increase the delivery speed, reduce costs, and enable additional services. If anyone has any suggestions please email

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