If your package is missing and you think it may be lost, we'll figure it out. 

We recommend double checking the address information that was on your order as it may be incorrect if it was autofilled by your browser or through Apple Pay.

If it was sent to the correct address, check to see if it was delivered to the correct address. Often times your neighbor might have it but they haven't gotten around to giving it to you yet.

Check to see if there was a way the address could have been imposed. Do you live at 1234 Main Street but city has a 1234 Main Ave? It may have been delivered there or 123 Main Street.

Was it delivered to a pick up location instead of your home? Sometimes UPS will deliver things to Pick Up Lockers. Check on the UPS site here to see if it was delivered to your address or another location. 

If it doesn't turn up, let us know and we'll see if we can assist in the search by emailing support@atoms.com

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