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When will my order be shipped? (Order status/ETA)
When will my order be shipped? (Order status/ETA)

How do I check my order status and ETA?

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We send you emails updating you throughout the entire shipping process; order confirmation when we receive your order, when it's shipped out (with a tracking link) and when it get's delivered to you.

We send most orders within 4 days of you placing the order and it usually takes 4 - 7 days for it to be delivered with the US (unless the carrier faces any delays due to weather etc)

For international orders, it is safe to assume that it will take 5-10 (in some cases even 12) days from the time you place the order again, taking into account delays with the shipping carrier and at times, holdups at customs if any.

Limited edition shoes may take longer to ship, you will receive an ETA when you place an order.

You can check the order status and ETA from within your account

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